Flex Zone

Golden Youth Invites You to Experience the Flex Zone

The Flex Zone helps you achieve
strength, balance, and mobility.


Join the Movement!

Whether you are losing independence because you are in poor health, you’ve  had an injury, surgery, or simply due to aging. Resistance Stretching can help you regain that independence and help you reclaim the freedom of movement!


Resistance Stretching can be both restorative as well as strengthen bones, muscle, balance and mobility. You can also benefit from increased wellness, energy, and overall function

The Flex Zone offers assisted one on one stretching routines which are done in focused 25 minute and 50 minute sessions. The 25 minute session focuses on a particular area or concern. The 50 minute session is used to engage the entire body for both resistance and overall fitness.


25 Minute Flex Zone Session– $35.00/session
50 Minute Flex Zone Session– $65.00/session

Gift Certificates Available

Pamper those you love. Contact us today to purchase a gift for the special people in your life.

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