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Our Facials and Youth Enhancing Treatments


Facials are essential to maintaining healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. The cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing typical of any facial creates the maximum beauty and health of the skin when done consistently over a period of time.

Clinical Facial: $45.00
Cleansing Facial: $60.00
Therapeutic Facial: $80.00
Lymphobiology: $100.00
Rejuvenation Facial: $100.00
BT Lift: $45.00
Fusion BT Cocktail: $120


Youth Enhancing Treatments:

Everyone wants to look younger. Our treatments are the latest and most effective available and will help turn back the hands of time.

Micro Fusion Facial: $110.00
Fire and Ice Facial: $110.00
Lactic Acid Peel: $125.00
Jessner Peel: $150.00
Salycylic Acid Peel Facial: $125.00

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion: $95.00
Oxygen Facial: $95.00
Bio Lift: $100.00
Bio Synthesis Facial: $105.00


Proper grooming involves consistent control of hair growth. Waxing also exfoliates the skin and gives it a healthy glow and soft, smooth texture.

Eyebrows $20.00
Lip: $10.00
Chin: $12.00
Chin and Neck: $15.00
Face: $45.00
Ear: $10.00
Sideburns: $10.00
Underarm: $20.00
Arm: $60.00
Half Leg: $60.00
Full Leg: $100.00
Back: Starts at $60.00
Stomach: Starts at $30.00
Chest: Starts at $50.00
Bikini: Starts at $40.00
Hair Brasion: $45.00

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The Flex Zone

Creating a strong, flexible and balanced body.

The Flex Zone is a Fusion Fitness studio combining both Reformer and Mat Pilates, weight training and yoga. Fusion Fitness takes aspects of each modality and combines them to create a strong, flexible and balanced body set in a challenging, but fun workout routine.

MAT WORK: Mat work provides both resistance and assistance for Pilates exercises, affected only by gravity and your body weight. Performed in conjunction with Reformer training, it provides the ultimate body sculpting workout.

REFORMER: The original and most popular piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer offers hundreds of strengthening and stretching exercises. Personal training instruction offers one on one training.

Private Pilates:

Single Session – $60.00/per session
2-10 Sessions – $55.00/per session

Private Tryout Session – $45.00
(one time only)

Semi-Private Pilates:

Single Session – $35.00/per session
2-10 Sessions – $30.00/per session

Sessions expire 90 days from date of purchase.


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Lotus Spa

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Lotus spa center is the best till date I have experienced in past few months. They know hospitality very well. Even the spa & massage is extremely soothing. Rates are also pretty reasonable.
Brenda Greene
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