So it’s summer and you’re sitting in the car for that long anticipated cross-country family road trip!
Maybe you’re on the beach drinking a cold beer, or hiking in the mountains and finally settling down for the night! Maybe you’re just sitting at home, bored out of your mind. What would make any of these scenarios just a little more enjoyable? How about that guilty little pleasure that no one likes to talk about but you know that you are not alone and all over the world others are doing it too! Well, it’s time to come out of the closet! Pull out your phone or tablet hunker down in a comfortable, quiet, private spot and enjoy that forbidden pleasure, you know the one, PIMPLE PORN VIDEOS!!!

Whaaat??? Yes, pimple porn! You know, those great videos where you watch people popping disgusting yet strangely satisfying pimples, blackheads and cysts from every part of the body! There are thousands of them, ranging from home videos to professional medical step by step videos. My favorite are the Dr. Pimple Popping videos. Dermatologist Sandra Lee has a host of videos on YouTube ranging from simple blackhead removal to Lipoma removal and various surgical procedures. She is not only great in her technique and professionalism but she is a girl who loves her work! So I’d like to give a shout out to Dr. Pimple Popper by linking you to 3 videos I have found extremely entertaining. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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I’m Jacki Etcheveste. I like to give you a tip today on safe at home pimple popping. So you have this major ginormous pimple on your chin. You always want to get rid of these things because they never heal unless we extract them. We want to do it in a safe manner where we don’t aggravate it worse, cause it to spread, or worse cause scarring or demarcation in the skin.

The things you are going to need to do this:

  • Alcohol,
  • Cotton pad,
  • Q-tips
  • Extractor
    Which you can purchase at any drugstore with one side which is used for pimples the other side for blackheads that is actually the most effective way. If you don’t have an extractor then your fingers or Q-tips are the next best bet.
  • Needle
    A nice thin needle. A sewing needle or safety pin that you can use to actually lance the pimple.

The first thing you are going to do is take your alcohol and your cotton pad and sterilize your needle and that is really the most important thing. And also while you are at it you want to take your extractor and make sure it is sterilized as well if you have one of those. And sterilize both ends because you don’t know what end you are going to use probably when you start.

Having done that. You are going to get the pimple. And you never want to pierce on the top of it. Always from the side. So you’re going to take it and pierce from one side and then pierce exactly on the opposite side to create a release valve so that pressure from the infection that’s underneath can come up to the surface. So having done that you are going to put your needle back on your pad with the alcohol. Take your Q-tips and can around the pimple and start squeezing from the different sides. Pushing and pulling in different directions.

If you are not having luck with that you can use your fingers, but make sure before you use your fingers that you actually wipe your fingers with the alcohol as well. And never use your fingernails because there is always bacteria under your fingernails you can never get rid of not to mention they’re sharp and you can risk cutting yourself. But if you do use your fingers…again, the same thing, pushing in the different directions causing the infection to come up to the surface and to come out. Now if that is not working get your needle and go in the other directions that you didn’t pierce. Maybe from the top and then the bottom whatever two sides you didn’t pierce there and go back to using your Q-Tips pressing or your fingers.

Now those of you have an extractor. If it is a large pustular pimple. You can take this put it on the center of it and press down and it will cause it to pop up especially with various holes that you made to release that. Or if it is a smaller one press down and make sure everything comes out. Blood should finally come out. When the blood comes out and there is no more oil or dirt or infection that comes out of it. You have it. Take your cotton pad get some more alcohol on it. Blot it, don’t wipe it. Just blot it. Apply pressure if you are really bleeding. Once if you’ve done that get some Tea Tree oil…it really is the best thing. Put a few drops into your palm. Pat it on to the pimple and let it coagulate and form a scab. Let it heal and leave it alone.

That is something that most definitely should be done at home. This is at home pimple popping. I’m Jackie Etcheveste and this is my tip for you.