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The Vampire Facelift(R) is the latest, hottest trend in anti-aging! As with anything, all is not as it seems. Yes, it does give a “lift” to tired skin but it is a subtle lift at best. If you are in need of a real facelift this procedure is not for you. It does not create enough improvement and the results are less than dramatic.

The other downside is that if your neck looks like a Shar-Pei pup, you are out of luck! This procedure cannot be done on the neck. A surgical facelift where the neck is tightened would have to first be performed and the Vampire Facelift(R) used to maintain and give longevity to the results of that procedure. However, when the neck starts to go (and it will) this procedure is not a viable option!

So, even though everyone is touting the Vampire Facelift(R), it seems the vampires are still the only ones who can remain “forever young”! I guess one can acquire a taste for blood, right? It worked on “True Blood”!

I’m just saying,

Jacki Etcheveste

Keeping an Eye Out for You

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on microblading and found it informative. However, I feel it is my duty to not only present the upside to different procedures but the downside as well. It’s kind of the yin and yang so to speak. I do prefer microblading over traditional tattooing because I think it is a more natural looking option. So now the downside: mistakes can be made and not all technicians are skilled! If you go to someone for a consult and they tell you it will be less than two hours for the entire procedure, walk out. If the price is ridiculously high or low, go elsewhere. The cost runs between $500- $800 depending on the area you live. There needs to be a careful drawing on of the brow with regular pencil and you need to be completely satisfied with the shape of the brow. Just like tattooing, you will never be able to change your brow shape. If an error occurs and the shape is wrong or the color is wrong there’s not much you can do to repair it. You will have to refresh your brows every 3 years or so and it will require some maintenance. Lastly, make sure the technician’s work area is clean, the implements sterile and that you are given post procedure care instructions to prevent complications or infection.

Always be thorough when researching any beauty procedure and insist on viewing before and after photos or perhaps, speaking with someone in person who has had the procedure. Ask plenty of question because once it’s done, it’s forever! I’m just saying…

Self Absorption = Misery

me-blocks1Generally speaking, humans are incredibly self absorbed which in my opinion, is the basis for the majority of life’s misery and struggle. Inability to look outside ourselves to other people or events in the world kills passion and empathy. It destroys incentive since victimization leaves no option for accountability.

Self absorption destroys relationships yet most self absorbed people are miserable because of the demise or lack of relationship in their lives. They are ironically the victim of this lack of connection which was most likely caused by their own self absorption! (it’s a crazy cycle)

I think that this miserable group of humanity might be shocked if they stepped outside themselves and actually looked around and took the time to really listen to and acknowledge others! They might be surprised to learn that there is a world out there filled with people who have it far worse than themselves. They might be surprised that there are people who actually can and do rise above their circumstances and who appreciate life and all it offers! They might even discover that there are people more interesting than themselves and that connection with others can bring joy into their lives. Reaching outside ourselves and taking an interest in others gives us purpose, it creates desire and desire creates life!

Do you want to lose the misery in your life? Ditch yourself and spend time living for others…I’m just saying!

Too Much Of A Good Thing

glass-1206584_640Water is a life source to energy, health and vitality but as in all things…you can get too much of a good thing. Drink too much water and your kidneys lose their ability to excrete excess water and the electrolyte content of blood becomes diluted, resulting in low sodium levels called hyponatremia. This condition causes swelling in cells when kidneys overwhelmed by large quantities of fluid are forced to process sodium which inhibits the kidneys ability to eliminate the excess fluid thus causing swelling and in severe cases, death.

Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, puffiness and weight gain during physical activity. Delirium, vomiting seizures and coma may occur in severe cases. This is a common occurrence when people drink excessive amounts of fluid if engaging in high impact or long duration of intense physical activity! 

Experts recommend 16/8oz glasses for men and 10/8oz glasses for women in a day. Staying hydrated is important if living in extreme climates or engaging in strenuous physical activity but always err on the side of caution, more is not always better…I’m just saying!

Musingly yours,

Transformation vs. Alteration

glovesIn this age of the frenzied pursuit of eternal youth, it seems we have created a rabid fear of aging rather than an embracing of youth at a mature age. We have become a society of alteration; plastic surgery, injections, liposuction and other facial and body altering procedures. The problem with all that is, you still look older but now you have a wrinkle free face frozen in cadaver time (or until the injections wear off) and a slim body with abnormal sized breasts that is scarred beyond any sense of attractiveness and will last only until you gain weight because you didn’t change your eating habits and until gravity pulls your skin and your breasts down to your new fake belly button, the same as if they  were real. Now, I will say that when a woman has an excess of skin on her stomach due to pregnancy that is stretched beyond repair and diet and exercise will never improve it, surgery is the best option. This is especially true when she is young and fit and that loose skin takes away from her otherwise youthful and pretty appearance. The same holds true when after a few pregnancies a woman’s breasts start looking like the photos in National Geographic. Those circumstances actually qualify as reconstructive and necessary in my opinion.

What I am referring to is women who Botox themselves to the point of frozen countenances that eventually begin to collapse from atrophy of the muscles and start to look like characters from the Night of the Dead!

Pulled faces with scars around their ears and skin lasered so many times they start to look like wax figures…is this really beauty? I’m all for a little nip and tuck but women and men alike, are going too far! Everyone is looking for the magic bullet, me as well but honestly, we will all look better, feel better and live a higher quality of life  by engaging in more transformative habits rather than constantly attempting to alter ourselves.

Painful as it might be, exercise, nutrition and sleep are the ultimate youth enhancing activities we can engage in! Youthful longevity should be our goal. Trust me on this, people who are healthy and fit appear younger (even with a few wrinkles) than someone who looks like a walking caricature of themselves with no wrinkles.

It’s a choice, transformation or alteration…real youth or a desperate appearance of youth. Which will you choose?  I’m just saying…

Youthfully yours,


I’m Just Saying…



What I am referring to is women who Botox themselves to the point of frozen countenances that eventually begin to collapse from atrophy of the muscles and start to look like characters from the Night of the Dead!

I like to ponder all sorts of things. Probably because I’m an only child and I have wondered about this allergy thing for many years. I have noticed through the years in my skin care practice that many people have allergies and many more seem to have a lifetime of allergy conditions. Upon inquiring as to their histories it seems they all started occasionally taking allergy medications to alleviate symptoms, then more frequently as they became more chronically affected. Some said they took medication all day…every day! Plus several developed asthma as well. This makes me wonder if allergy medications actually intensify and provoke allergies. It seems they would inhibit your immune system thus weakening it; making your body unable to fend off various bacterial attacks and cause a lifetime dependency which makes for an endless “cha-ching” for the pharmaceutical companies. Hey, I’m only basing this on observations I’ve made knowing my clientele over the past 25 years. It does make you wonder though, doesn’t it?

I’m just saying….

Posted MARCH 2016



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