Living In The Pink



#4 Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life ~ March 2017

We can’t change the past but we can learn from our mistakes and change our behavior. In order to change any destructive action you need to change your thinking. How do you do that? Well, start by looking around at people in your life. Do they reflect the person you want to become? Do they live a life you admire? If so. spend time with them and surround yourself with as many people whose lifestyles you admire. Pick their brains and figure out how they think, what motivates them and how they accomplish those aspects of their life you admire. Listen to these people, learn what you can. Remember, if you’re always talking you only hear what you know. If you listen, you might learn something new.

Another way to change your thoughts is to read as many biographies of influential people you admire and find that thread which connects all successful people. Keep in mind success does not necessarily mean wealth or fame, though there’s nothing wrong with either one. Mother Theresa was a huge success and changed the world but by material standards she was a poor, unassuming little nun living a life of hard work and drudgery.

Choose to associate with people who hold you to a higher standard and influence you positively in a particular aspect of your life ie: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial. Create an inner circle of friends from whom you specifically seek guidance in any of those areas. Find those people who are smarter or more skilled than you and have accomplished more mastery in key parts of their life than you have. You don’t need to tell these people why you admire them, keep it to yourself. Just listen and observe. Avoid the danger point that occurs when you think you’ve become smarter than your mentors and start to rely on your own knowledge. When you seek your own advice you act on what you know. When you seek counsel from others you increase your chances for success and decrease the possibility of failure.

Want to change your life? Change your thoughts. Seek the wisdom and guidance to help you change your perspective. Wisdom combined with an open heart and mind attracts people which attracts possibilities which attracts success.

Joyfully yours,
Jacki Joy

#3 Live in Gratitude ~ January 2017

Gratitude opens the door to infinite possibilities and miracles. When you are in a state of gratitude you cannot feel anger, bitterness, overwhelment, regret or fear! Gratitude creates joy, peace, calm, focus and a feeling of ease. It empowers you and makes you feel limitless and boundless. When you live in this state of mind your body responds by functioning at optimal levels. It doesn’t tire as easily and your mental focus is heightened! It eliminates and reduces stress on your heart and other organs. It helps keep your weight down by reducing stress hormone in your body and stress is often a cause of weight gain.

Relationships improve because we are less likely to judge others and often feel a greater sense of appreciation for those people in our lives. We are more creative because we are more open to new ideas and perspectives. Since we feel less fearful, we are more willing to try new things or take risks. We lose that feeling of limitation when we release fear and fear cannot exist alongside gratitude.

Would you like to live a more joyful, limitless or empowered life? Develop an attitude of gratitude by embedding it into your psyche and into every cell of your body! Every morning when you awake start off by saying thank you for having another day. Express gratitude for yourself, your family, house, car, spouse, children, parents, siblings, your job or business, friends, employers, employees, health, finances and anything else you can think of! Before you eat or drink something say thank you for having food to eat and the nutrients it provides you. Be mindful about everything you do and express gratitude for everything and everyone! The more you become consciously grateful and acknowledge that gratitude, the easier and more joyful your life will become. Experience mental, physical, financial and spiritual liberation and empowerment by living in constant and never ending gratitude! Your life will be a miracle!

Joyfully yours,
Jacki Joy

#2 Persistence ~ August 2016
If it’s what you love, keep the vision and never give up!

There have been many books written about successful people throughout the decades. We are intrigued by these larger than life people and want to learn the secret to their success. We who feel perhaps stuck in a life that is less than fulfilling or meaningless look to these icons of success for inspiration and guidance. We hope some nugget of wisdom will drop in our lap and turn the direction of the path we find ourselves on.

Being one of those people myself and having read hundreds of books on any number of people and success strategies, I believe I have found the secret to success…it is persistence!

I believe persistence is the secret to success in every aspect of life. Whether it’s in athletics, academia, financial, the arts, spiritual or relationships; persistence is always the key element in achieving our goals. It’s about getting clear on what you want and then persistently taking the necessary steps to manifest that vision. No doubt you will come up against road blocks and stumble along the path but you need to pick yourself up and start again. No matter how many times you fail, keep your vision and passion intact and do it again no matter how many times or how long it takes!

Joyfully yours,
Jacki Joy


#1 Let It Go ~ August 2016
Keep the Lesson and Use the Experience!

Life can be difficult with many bumps in the road but I have found that a positive outlook really can get you through even the most difficult of situations. Most adversity does strengthen and change us into a better version of ourselves. “Living in the Pink” is a phrase I’ve coined from an old adage, “looking through rose colored glasses”. That phrase has always implied viewing the world from a positive perspective and a “glass half full”. This blog and my alter ego, Jacki Joy are about the power of positive thinking. Those of you who are rolling your eyes, stop and think about this: how do you feel when you’re depressed, overwhelmed, or complaining? You physically feel like a truck ran over you! Think about the times you felt upbeat and positive: you felt full of life and energy and able to conquer anything! So why would you want to feel any other way? Emotions and stress are a choice- life and bad things happen, we can’t control that but how we deal with those situations is completely our choice! “Living in the Pink” is what helps us “Live Our Best Life”.

To this end, I’ve chosen 7 rules which if followed, make adversity a lot easier to endure and help us be better people and of course, “Live Our Best Life”!

Let go of your mistakes but keep the lesson. We all make mistakes-life is a learning process. Instead of beating ourselves up over bad choices, look at the lesson learned. Did it change you for the better? Would you make that mistake again? How can you use it to help others? Embrace the mistakes and look at adversity as an opportunity to do better. You should never regret any mistake say “thank you” for the life lesson and move on! Life is too short to live in regret.

Stress and adversity are a part of the human experience. It is meant to strengthen us and bring us closer to our divinity. Stay positive, live life in the pink and you will be living your best life! To learn about the remaining 9 rules follow this blog as we explore the limitless possibilities of Living in the Pink!

Joyfully yours,
Jacki Joy

I would like to introduce you to my alter ego, Jacki Joy. She is a combination of my outer, younger self when I was at my peak physical condition and the worldliness and wisdom I have acquired through my life experiences. Jacki loves life, is kind and empathetic, fearless and views life from a glass half full even in the midst of the most challenging situations.

Jacki believes in the adage that “a body in motion stays in motion” and has made fitness, whether it be weight training, cardio, pilates or yoga an important and dedicated part of her life. Having said that, she does love to eat and enjoys all types of cuisine. She has created her own serenity prayer which states, “thank you for coffee to change the things I can and wine to accept the things I can’t”!

She is a fashionista and is knowledgeable in all things SPA. She stays on top of the latest beauty and fashion trends. Her pastimes are reading, watching movies and listening to music. She has an unquenchable interest in the human body and what makes it work so she is always researching the different systems in the body and the newest therapies. She also follows the adage, “enquiring minds want to know”. She is both a science and sci-fi junkie!

Relationships with people and animals are the most motivating force in her life. She has always loved animals, cats in particular and will go to great lengths to protect them! Positivity is her greatest character trait but she can be a little cheeky at times and is said to “hold no prisoners”! Honesty is another strong personality trait but that is what makes her a good role model, mentor, friend and life coach.

The desire to help others live their best life, one filled with joy, positivity, fearlessness, health,vitality youthfulness and passion is what motivated her to create Jacki Joy’s Life Spa! SPA is an acronym for serenity, potentiality and actualization. Jacki has decided to use her own life experiences and skills to help others overcome life’s many challenges and still maintain the joy that makes for successful living! She believes that there is always an upside to everything and that with faith one can overcome anything. Jacki believes we are guided and protected by something greater than ourselves and when in harmony with this force we are truly empowered and limitless!

So it is for this reason that she has opened her Life SPA and will be sharing her pores of wisdom (a little spa joke) so you too can “Live Your Best Life”! Please share any comments, opinions or insights you might like to use to help us and others live their best life by posting on Jacki’s blog which you can find on I now give you Jacki Joy!

Joyfully yours,
Jacki Etcheveste/Jacki Joy

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