If eyes are the mirror to the soul then brows are the frame! Brows can enhance or diminish not only the eyes but the entire face. They create a persona and often, we are perceived as a certain character type based on the expression created by our brows. The trend toward thicker brows has exploded and so has the trend toward microblading which I talked about in an earlier blog. However, not everyone wants to or can commit to a permanent procedure like microblading(tattooing). It’s expensive and a lifetime commitment. Though it requires a bit of effort, beautiful brows can be created with a good pencil or an eyeshadow or both! I personally like to use a pencil for my brows but depending on the brow, eyeshadow can be very effective. I chose this tutorial video because it’s quick, simple and uses a pencil.

Check it out and with a little practice you can create a more beautiful YOU!


Looking for that perfect brow? No doubt about it, whether you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are our most important facial feature. There are so many ways to improve and polish the look of our brows. We can apply powder, gel or pencil them in. They all work well but you do make a commitment to time each day as you apply your masterful stroke to creating that “perfect brow”. Many women have opted for classic tattoing which is also a viable option but mistakes are more noticeable and they do have a less than natural look.

Ladies, do not despair, for their now exists a more natural appearing option that delivers semipermanent results. What is this new “magic” you might ask? It’s called microblading and is available in a town near you! Though microblading is tattoing, it provides a “smoke and mirrors” effect by using strokes that look like real hairs. Microblading is perfect for those who want to reconstruct or definr their brows. It’s most effective at filling in gaps or over tweezed brows. Need a bit of an arch? Microblading is perfect for you.

Microblading differs from tattooing in that a special pen is used to draw individual strokes one by one. It is a meticulous process and requires around two hours to complete. First, your brows are created with a regular brow pencil which allows the technician to create along with you, the best possible brow shape for your face. Before starting the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the area. There still may be a bit of discomfort but it is mild.

The best part is, NO DOWN TIME! It is recommended in a month’s time to do a follow up treatment to assure your brows are perfect. No special care is required and the color lasts up to three years. The cost varies depending on the area you live in between $500-$800. Though a bit pricy, most women agree that waking up with perfect brows every morning is well worth the cost.

I’ve included a video of an actual microblading procedure so you can view the various aspects and final result of the procedure. Hopefully it will answer any questions you have. If you still have questions or perhaps you’ve had the procedure and want to share, I’d love to hear from you.

Youthfully yours,
Jacki Etcheveste

Welcome to Spa Virgin Presents: Tips and Tricks for a Better You. Hi, I’m Jacki Etcheveste. I’m and esthetician and the owner of Golden of Youth Spa and Pilates. And today I would like to give you a tip on how to reduce blackheads especially around the nose area. So no matter how great our skin is. How much we clean it. We always seem to get a group of blackheads that just never seem to go away and they’re always on the crease of our nose. So what are you going to about that, right? The solution to that is a toothbrush. But not just any toothbrush. You want to go out and buy a kid’s toothbrush because the head will always be smaller and the bristles with be softer. And you keep the toothbrush dedicated for your facial scrubbing.

What I would suggest after you put your cleanser on. You always want to wash your face with a brush–and they have so many brushes out there that are so popular–or a wash cloth. But never wash your face with just your fingers because you can’t possible clean it properly. Once you have the cleaner on take your toothbrush and get it wet and then get it in there and scrub the side of your nose. You can even do the nasal openings because we tend to get blackheads in there as well. Once you are done scrubbing, and make sure you get in there, you want to wipe your face afterwards with a nice warm wash cloth. And then splash your face with cold water to tighten the pores. And you want to end by moisturizing. Even if you are oily, make sure you use a oil free moisturizer. If you are not oily use a nice hydrating moisturizer. And never let that outer skin dry. Because if you the outer skin dries then that creates more oil. If you have more oil what does that create? More blackheads.

So remember the reason this works so well is because the bristles can get into the pores because they are so small. So they can scoop the oil and the dirt out of the pores. And then after you have been cleaning for awhile. You should be doing this daily. Then pretty soon it should prevent the blackheads from gathering in your noise because you have been cleaning the pores out with the bristles.

That is my tip on how to reduce blackheads. Thank you for joining us today as Spa Virgin Presents: Tips and Tricks for a Better You. And this was your tip on how to reduce blackheads.

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