Jacqueline Etcheveste is the owner of Golden Youth Rejuvenation Centre and Pilates. She is a licensed and certified esthetician and has practiced for almost 25 years. She is also a certified Pilates instructor. She has owned Golden Youth since 1992.

Eternal Youth…Humans have been in search of it since the time Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and lost it! Until now the only ageless beings have been mythical gods and goddesses and the dreaded vampire! The vampire or the “undead” drink other people’s blood to remain alive and in the process maintain youth and beauty. Well, good news…anyone can look younger without drinking blood and the only blood involved is your own! The Vampire Facelift® restores shape, improves tone and texture to the skin as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue!

The Vampire Facelift® Procedure

The creator(maker?) of this procedure is Charles Runel MD. He describes the procedure as follows: First, the physician uses Hyaluronic Acid fillers to create a beautiful and natural shape. Then the physician isolates growth factors from the patient’s blood. When these growth factors enter the face (injected) multi-potent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue. The new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue for smoothness and new blood vessels for a healthy glow.

The use of fillers (Juvederm or Restylane) fills out the facial contours giving it a more youthful appearance. The next step, which extracts approximately 2 teaspoons of blood is centrifuged thus isolating platelets or plasma from the blood. This takes somewhere around 10-15 minutes and is done in the office. Those platelets are then activated to release at least 8 growth factors that would normally be used to heal injured tissue. These growth factors increase collagen and new blood flow. To rejuvenate new skin, these growth factors must be put back into your face.

The face is first numbed and a small needle is used to inject the patient’s own growth factors back into the face.These growth factors activate multi potent stem cells already in the skin “tricking them” into thinking there’s been an injury thus causing new younger tissue to be generated.

The multi potent stem cells develop into new collagen, new blood vessels and new fatty tissue trying to “repair” the skin that was never injured! The result is younger appearing skin! The effects of the procedure continue to improve for 2-3 months and can last up to 2 years!

This procedure is not effective in everyone. Check with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate.

Youthfully yours,

Jacki Etcheveste


Looking for that perfect brow? No doubt about it, whether you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are our most important facial feature. There are so many ways to improve and polish the look of our brows. We can apply powder, gel or pencil them in. They all work well but you do make a commitment to time each day as you apply your masterful stroke to creating that “perfect brow”. Many women have opted for classic tattoing which is also a viable option but mistakes are more noticeable and they do have a less than natural look.

Ladies, do not despair, for their now exists a more natural appearing option that delivers semipermanent results. What is this new “magic” you might ask? It’s called microblading and is available in a town near you! Though microblading is tattoing, it provides a “smoke and mirrors” effect by using strokes that look like real hairs. Microblading is perfect for those who want to reconstruct or definr their brows. It’s most effective at filling in gaps or over tweezed brows. Need a bit of an arch? Microblading is perfect for you.

Microblading differs from tattooing in that a special pen is used to draw individual strokes one by one. It is a meticulous process and requires around two hours to complete. First, your brows are created with a regular brow pencil which allows the technician to create along with you, the best possible brow shape for your face. Before starting the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the area. There still may be a bit of discomfort but it is mild.

The best part is, NO DOWN TIME! It is recommended in a month’s time to do a follow up treatment to assure your brows are perfect. No special care is required and the color lasts up to three years. The cost varies depending on the area you live in between $500-$800. Though a bit pricy, most women agree that waking up with perfect brows every morning is well worth the cost.

I’ve included a video of an actual microblading procedure so you can view the various aspects and final result of the procedure. Hopefully it will answer any questions you have. If you still have questions or perhaps you’ve had the procedure and want to share, I’d love to hear from you.

Youthfully yours,
Jacki Etcheveste

Welcome to Spa Virgin presents: Tips and Tricks for a Better You.

I’m Jacki Etcheveste. I like to give you a tip today on safe at home pimple popping. So you have this major ginormous pimple on your chin. You always want to get rid of these things because they never heal unless we extract them. We want to do it in a safe manner where we don’t aggravate it worse, cause it to spread, or worse cause scarring or demarcation in the skin.

The things you are going to need to do this:

  • Alcohol,
  • Cotton pad,
  • Q-tips
  • Extractor
    Which you can purchase at any drugstore with one side which is used for pimples the other side for blackheads that is actually the most effective way. If you don’t have an extractor then your fingers or Q-tips are the next best bet.
  • Needle
    A nice thin needle. A sewing needle or safety pin that you can use to actually lance the pimple.

The first thing you are going to do is take your alcohol and your cotton pad and sterilize your needle and that is really the most important thing. And also while you are at it you want to take your extractor and make sure it is sterilized as well if you have one of those. And sterilize both ends because you don’t know what end you are going to use probably when you start.

Having done that. You are going to get the pimple. And you never want to pierce on the top of it. Always from the side. So you’re going to take it and pierce from one side and then pierce exactly on the opposite side to create a release valve so that pressure from the infection that’s underneath can come up to the surface. So having done that you are going to put your needle back on your pad with the alcohol. Take your Q-tips and can around the pimple and start squeezing from the different sides. Pushing and pulling in different directions.

If you are not having luck with that you can use your fingers, but make sure before you use your fingers that you actually wipe your fingers with the alcohol as well. And never use your fingernails because there is always bacteria under your fingernails you can never get rid of not to mention they’re sharp and you can risk cutting yourself. But if you do use your fingers…again, the same thing, pushing in the different directions causing the infection to come up to the surface and to come out. Now if that is not working get your needle and go in the other directions that you didn’t pierce. Maybe from the top and then the bottom whatever two sides you didn’t pierce there and go back to using your Q-Tips pressing or your fingers.

Now those of you have an extractor. If it is a large pustular pimple. You can take this put it on the center of it and press down and it will cause it to pop up especially with various holes that you made to release that. Or if it is a smaller one press down and make sure everything comes out. Blood should finally come out. When the blood comes out and there is no more oil or dirt or infection that comes out of it. You have it. Take your cotton pad get some more alcohol on it. Blot it, don’t wipe it. Just blot it. Apply pressure if you are really bleeding. Once if you’ve done that get some Tea Tree oil…it really is the best thing. Put a few drops into your palm. Pat it on to the pimple and let it coagulate and form a scab. Let it heal and leave it alone.

That is something that most definitely should be done at home. This is at home pimple popping. I’m Jackie Etcheveste and this is my tip for you.

Since the beginning of time, people have been in pursuit of the elusive answer to eternal youth, health and beauty. They have searched far and wide in hopes of acquiring that magical elixir which will reverse or at least, slow down the hands of time! Well, search no more, I have the answer…it’s WATER!!! Hey it’s no coincidence that we have named it the Fountain of Youth! We have imagined that we would drink this mystical drink from the fountain and be forever young! So maybe it doesn’t work just like that but it is pretty close to the truth.


The benefits of water are countless, ranging from collagen production to purifying the blood, hydrating skin, hair, nails, gums bones etc… to diluting calories from food and alcohol and eliminating toxins from the body. It also helps maintain an even body temperature in extreme climatic conditions and improves brain function, focus and cognition. Water is also instrumental in maintaining endurance and stamina in that it helps the muscles fire up and react when needed.


Water is the Life Force that keeps our bodies performing at optimal condition and yes, opens the door to Eternal Youth! I have included a couple of web links below to great articles on the benefits of water. I hope you will enjoy it and benefit from it as well. Happy Summer, stay HYDRATED!

Youthfully yours,


Welcome to Spa Virgin Presents: Tips and Tricks for a Better You. Hi, I’m Jacki Etcheveste. I’m and esthetician and the owner of Golden of Youth Spa and Pilates. And today I would like to give you a tip on how to reduce blackheads especially around the nose area. So no matter how great our skin is. How much we clean it. We always seem to get a group of blackheads that just never seem to go away and they’re always on the crease of our nose. So what are you going to about that, right? The solution to that is a toothbrush. But not just any toothbrush. You want to go out and buy a kid’s toothbrush because the head will always be smaller and the bristles with be softer. And you keep the toothbrush dedicated for your facial scrubbing.

What I would suggest after you put your cleanser on. You always want to wash your face with a brush–and they have so many brushes out there that are so popular–or a wash cloth. But never wash your face with just your fingers because you can’t possible clean it properly. Once you have the cleaner on take your toothbrush and get it wet and then get it in there and scrub the side of your nose. You can even do the nasal openings because we tend to get blackheads in there as well. Once you are done scrubbing, and make sure you get in there, you want to wipe your face afterwards with a nice warm wash cloth. And then splash your face with cold water to tighten the pores. And you want to end by moisturizing. Even if you are oily, make sure you use a oil free moisturizer. If you are not oily use a nice hydrating moisturizer. And never let that outer skin dry. Because if you the outer skin dries then that creates more oil. If you have more oil what does that create? More blackheads.

So remember the reason this works so well is because the bristles can get into the pores because they are so small. So they can scoop the oil and the dirt out of the pores. And then after you have been cleaning for awhile. You should be doing this daily. Then pretty soon it should prevent the blackheads from gathering in your noise because you have been cleaning the pores out with the bristles.

That is my tip on how to reduce blackheads. Thank you for joining us today as Spa Virgin Presents: Tips and Tricks for a Better You. And this was your tip on how to reduce blackheads.

Aging is inevitable but looking older is optional. Aging is caused by a variety of factors such as stress, fatigue, poor nutrition, abuse of drugs and alcohol, over exposure to sun and a sedentary lifestyle. When we’re young our skin is plumped and filled with unlimited collagen but over time the above mentioned factors start to break down the collagen and cause sagging, spots and wrinkles! Those people blessed with good skin genes may fare a bit better but even genes can’t save you from aging, at best it can only slow it down. So what do we do? We flip the finger in Mother Nature’s face and with the use of some great product and lifestyle tweaks you can change your skin’s destiny!

Tip One: Create New Genes

Well, you can’t create genes but you can mimic them by using products that firm and tighten your skin and stimulate cell renewal. Growth factors, peptides, retinol,and marine based ingredients help revitalize and strengthen the skin and give it a more youthful appearance. I personally love Is Clinical’s Youth Serum and Phytomer’s Structuriste. You will see a difference after one application and the benefits are cumulative over time. Always wash you face morning and night and apply good product to your skin twice a day. Never wear makeup to bed, it will age and pollute your skin faster than you can say bad genes!

Tip Two: Boost the Immune System

Healthy, youthful skin is a direct by product of a healthy immune system. When we become ill, tired or run down our skin looks unhealthy and creases become more defined and dark circles become more prominent. Our skin takes on a dull, listless look and as a result, we are more prone to viral or bacterial attack since our skin is the first line of defense against these scavengers! Vitamins such as Vitamin C and E as well as Fish, Flax and Borage oils,B12 and DMAE are all good immune builders and also extremely beneficial to the skin. An anti-inflammatory such as niacinamide helps reduce internal inflammation which is a disease causer and a rapid ager! It helps boost energy in all your cells, Likewise, Reservatrol helps heart health and boosts mitochondria activity which keeps our cells working like little youngster cells!

Tip Three: Tend To Your Garden

Our health and longevity as well as outward appearance start from the inside. The science is showing that biological age-the actual rate at which our organs are aging internally and external appearance are in direct correlation with each other.  People who were at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease looked on the average two years younger than their age. On the opposite end, those whose internal organs were aging three times faster also looked older than their peers. Since we can’t moisturize our insides what do we do about keeping them younger? How about no smoking! Water, the Fountain of Youth, drink plenty. Engage in small, moderate doses of exercise to keep the blood flowing, raise metabolic rate up and lower blood pressure. Feed your body healthful foods to energize it and keep cholesterol and diabetes at bay. The better the food the better you look and feel!

Tip Four: Rest and Relax

Getting our eight hours of sleep is not something created by our moms, it’s really true! Our bodies run in cycles and between the hours of 10:00p-2:00a we are at a hyper metabolic state. This is the time that we regenerate new cells, burn excess fat and create the energy we will use the next day. Any product that you apply to your skin will absorb into your body and into your system thus giving you maximum benefits of that product. Wearing makeup is not only bad from a hygiene perspective but also because it also will absorb into your system and pollute every organ in your body, especially the skin! Wash your face and put something healthful on your skin before bed!

Tip Five: When All Else Fails,  MAKEUP

 Sallow skin, droopy lids and sun spots can all be made better with the ultimate smoke and mirrors-makeup. Here’s a few tips on how to maximize the use of your makeup to give you a younger, fresher look.

  1. Skin: Use pressed powder rather than loose which can get into creases and make you look older. Use a big brush and lightly dust and press into skin to take excess shine off skin. It helps to set foundation and give more longevity. 
  2. Brows: As we age our brows become sparse so fill them in with either pencil, shadow or both. Brush them after defining to give a softer, more natural look.
  3.  Lids: Apply shadow only as far as outer corner of eye and brow. Do not over extend since that only drags down the look of the eye. Apply shadow in an upward direction at outer corner to uplift the look of the eye.
  4.  Lashes: Another aging factor is that lashes become thinner and less dense. Use pencil liner at base to define the eye and if lashes are extremely thin, use liquid liner and dot in between lashes to fill in and intensify appearance of the eye.
  5. Cheeks: Dust blush mostly on the apples of your cheeks and fade into cheekbones towards hairline. Our faces become thinner with time and this helps give a plumper look to the face.
  6. Lips: Yes, our waistline gets fuller and our lips get thinner! Use a nude pencil to line your lips no matter what lip color you are using. This will help keep lip color from running and give a fuller, more plump appearance to the mouth.

We should all strive to incorporate those things such as exercise and nutrition into our lives to transform our bodies and create a sustaining youthful vitality and appearance rather than quick fixes which only camouflage and hide flaws for the moment. It may all be smoke and mirrors when it comes to fooling Mother Nature but we can transform our appearance and defy the ravages of time if we work towards a more transformative regimen and engage less in altering procedures which cannot be sustained long term.

Youthfully yours,



Our featured product for the month of April is from Phytomer.

BODY BLUR Shaka Shaka
Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion

Shake, Massage, Ultra-Smooth

PHYTOMER has created the 1st Shaka Shaka contouring product: A three-phase water-oil-powder lotion you shake before applying to instantly smooth cellulite and tackle visible fat. Like magic, BODY BLUR evens out the appearance of orange peel skin upon application. Day after day, it corrects visible cellulite and refines the waist and thighs.

Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for people sensitive to iodine.

Jacki would be happy to answer any questions about, Shaka Shaka…

Want to feel like your floating in a bath of milk and rose petals? Then make an appointment with Jacki and Erica for a, “Serenity Spa Facial”. The Serenity Facial is the ultimate pampering experience.

“Need a respite from your busy life? The Serenity Spa Facial offers an escape from the day to day stresses of living.” ~Jacki, Owner of Golden Youth

Right now, for a limited time, this facial and reflexology treatment is being offered as our Mother’s Day special for $110.00. That is a $25.00 savings from the regular price. In our opinion, this savings contributes to the milk and rose-petal floating feeling (we are just saying.)

Fall is coming upon us and for those of us who live in agricultural regions, allergies are as well. We think of allergies as red swollen eyes, sniffles and coughs but they also manifest in skin conditions. Eczema and psoriasis are the two most common. Environmental conditions such defoliation, crop harvesting chemicals as well as temperature and weather changes can wreak havoc on our skin. Many of my clients complain about dry skin patches, flakiness, acne type breakouts, itchy and irritated skin, just to name a few. Contact dermatitis conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are usually more prevalent in the fall.

Oxygen facials are great treatments to relieve dry, flaky skin and calm down any swelling or redness. Cortisone creams are usually the best at home treatment. It reduces the swelling and irritation and will eliminate the symptoms within two to three days.

There’s not much one can do if living in these types of environmental regions but identifying the cause of the symptom can help in treating it. There are so many sites on the internet one can go to to learn about different skin allergy conditions and how to treat them. Do some research and help protect yourself from those nasty allergens. I’ve also included some tips below that you may find useful. If you’d like to comment or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.



  1. woman-699001_640Saline solutions for both nasal and eye areas are great in helping prevent sinus infections and minimizing runny, itchy eyes. Health food stores offer a variety of natural type products.
  2. Increase your Vitamin C intake by 1000-3000 mg a day while allergy season is at it’s worst. It builds up your immune system and allows your body to naturally fend off allergy attacks and bacterial infections. It’s a great way to help prevent or at least, shorten colds.
    NOTE: It’s best to increase vitamin C intake in increments of 1000 mg. If your stools become loose, continue at that amount until they normalize and then increase by another 1000 mg and repeat the process until you have reached the desired dosage.
  3. My favorite preventative remedy is a 60 oz glass of warm salt water mixed with 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil added after warming the water. Gargle 3-4 times at the first sign of infection and continue until all symptoms are gone. Do not swallow solution as Tea Tree Oil is not meant to be ingested but if you should swallow a small amount, don’t worry, an occasional swallow won’t hurt you! It’s also great for sore, irritated gums and canker sores in the mouth. Mix Tea Tree Oil with toothpaste and brush normally. You will notice instant relief.

Try these out when your allergies start acting up and hopefully you will find some relief from pesky irritations and infections…maybe you will even be able to smell the roses!

Youthfully yours,

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